Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

NewCarbon has embraced and adopted the 3 primary values governing their business model; namely People, Planet and Prosperity. Why we do’ determines the expression of ‘what we do’, our vision is to be a leading provider of sustainable green solutions that have true triple-p benefit.  

Discover our unique opportunities for partnership:

  • Explore options as a potential investor and  shareholder in our New Carbon  ‘POD’ initiatives
  • Partner with us as a potential national or regional distributor
  • Engage with us as an interested end user benefiting from our  locally  sourced feedstocks, proprietary technology and engineered quality products

NewCarbons sustainably produced products are well suited to numerous market applications some of which are listed below;

  • Water filtration and purification through activated bio carbon products
  • Soil remediation and conditioning through charged bio carbon and wood vinegar products
  • Provision of substrate components for a number of agricultural applications through charged bio carbon and /or wood vinegar products
  • Animal health through feed supplementation with activated bio carbon
  • Food and beverage industry applications through activated carbon products
  • Health and wellness industry for the treatment of gut health and other ailments through activated bio carbon
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